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A bit more about us, part one: our Optometrists

By Faye on 2016-11-30

It's blog time again!

I have been unwell a few times recently and must apologise to any clients who have had their appointments re-arranged at short notice due to my illness. One of the things I had to do while I was ill was go to the doctors.

Tim and I moved to Middlesbrough in 2013 after living in Redcar for 3.5 years. We chose Middlesbrough as where we now live is within walking distance of James Cook Hospital where we both work in the eye department. If you've ever been to the hospital you might know it's not always easy to get parked, so being able to walk in was a big plus! We had not registered with a doctors surgery there until recently, as thankfully we are both usually well, however, when we did register it got me thinking about the things we wanted from a GP practice and the things we offer in our Optometry practice.

Something that's important to me is being able to make an appointment to see a doctor outside of working hours, I like to see the same doctor each time I visit so they know about me and my health, and where possible I like be able to discuss any health concerns I have in one appointment.

At Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists we are a family-run business and really believe in offering the quality of service we ourselves would want to receive. To allow you to visit outside of working hours, we offer later appointments every Thursday and have a clinic running all day every Saturday. If you are a regular client and you need an appointment outside of our usual working hours please contact us directly and we will make every effort to accommodate you at a convenient time.

Our usual opening hours are from 09:15-17:00 Monday - Wednesday, 09:15-18:30 on a Thursday and 09:15-17:00 on Friday and Saturday. Sunday to us is family time so we are closed! From time to time we need to close at lunch time - this is between 1 and 2pm so if you ever plan on calling in during this hour please call us first so we know to expect you.

Another thing we value, and we know our clients value because they tell us, is that you will only ever see one of our 3, highly skilled, very knowledgeable, well known Optometrists. We don't use locums and if you wish to see the same person every time you come this can easily be arranged.

In addition to the whole range of eye care examination services we offer, all 3 Optometrists can see clients at Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists in the NHS cataract referral service, meaning we can refer those with problematic cataracts directly to the hospital eye service for assessment, without needing to see a GP. All 3 of us can see clients at Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists for NHS low vision appointments - for anyone over 60 with sight reduction who has been referred to us for help with magnification devices. All 3 of us can see clients at Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists for NHS repeat eye pressure measurement if your eye pressure requires repeat measuring after initial measuring in your eye test.

So, about our eyecare experts...

Angela McDearmid - practice owner and optometrist (and my mum!) has worked in the practice her whole working life since leaving university with a first class honours degree in Optometry in 1977! She has dedicated her whole optical professional life to Redcar and I'm proud of the excellent reputation she has built among clients and eyecare professionals alike, she is a great role model to me and I'm lucky to have a boss who shares the same values as me - to deliver simply the best level of care we can to every person we see. Mum has clinics on Monday's and Wednesday's so if you would like to see her please ask when booking your appointment and Lisa, Christine or Emily will ensure you are booked on one of her clinic days.

Tim Boyling - optometrist (and my husband) has worked with us in Redcar since 2008, he completed his training year in his home county of Shropshire before moving up to the North-East with me when I finished university. Tim also works at James Cook and shares my passion for contact lens fitting. He is really very good at fitting very complex cosmetic contact lenses - for people who have had some scarring or disfigurement on the front of their eyes. Tim is with us at Campbell & McDearmid on Friday's as he works the rest of the week at my uncle's optometry practice in Hartlepool.

I (Faye McDearmid) joined the practice in 2008. I left Bradford University with a first class degree and 4 academic awards for achievements in contact lenses and eyecare (among others!). Since then I've been honoured to secure a position at James Cook Hospital working mainly in the children's clinics. The proper examination of children's eyes and accurate fitting of their glasses (if they need them) is a real passion of mine. I bring this experience and passion to the children's clinics I do at Campbell & McDearmid and will happily examine children of any age (there is no minimum age) and discuss any concerns you have about their eyes and vision. I also went back to teach at Bradford University in Contact Lens Clinics and Children's Eyecare, and have had many great opportunities to present my work and offer my clinical and professional opinion on optometry and practice organisation in a number of journals, conferences and presentations across the UK. I find it really difficult to write about myself and my achievements - to me I'm just doing my job, to the best of my ability and I feel very lucky and privileged to have a job I love and welcome the opportunities it brings me. I wasn't sure I wanted to be an Optometrist in the beginning: I loved chemistry and wanted to do a chemical engineering degree initially, I also thought about primary school teaching with my love of children but one thing led to another and I ended up with an unconditional offer to study at Bradford and off I went, let's just say the rest is history! This year I was very humbled to be nominated for Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year and received an amazing testimonial from a clients grandparent after fitting their grandson with contact lenses - it made me cry! Unfortunately I didn't win - it's a voting process - however just to be nominated was a massive thing and I am very grateful to all who put me forward!

Just last month I presented to other local optometrists at a training event on "Contact Lens fitting for Presbyopia" which is basically what we call multifocal/varifocal contact lenses, or contact lenses when you need glasses for distance and reading. I had some great feedback from the professionals who attended this course and it's great to see how my experience can also help others help their patients!

I also had some very exciting research news this month but don't think I can talk about it yet so watch this space!!

I am in Campbell & McDearmid on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's at the moment.

For more information about any of the eye care services we provide, either NHS or private, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, what started out as quite a short blog has ended up a lot longer than I expected!! As I said in the first blog I do love to talk and eyecare is certainly one of the things I love to talk about most!

Check our services on the website here and have a look at some of our lovely testimonials.

Where possible we will endeavour to address all your eye concerns in one visit, sadly this can be limited in NHS appointments although we will do our best. If you are a private client or NHS and wish to join our loyalty scheme then all of your clinical appointments and investigations are covered in your care plan which allows us to thoroughly examine your eyes and eye health to give you tailored, personal advice.

Our loyalty scheme is available to all clients: whether you wear spectacles, contact lenses or both, children, adults, even if you don't need glasses but would like access to comprehensive eye care whenever you need it.

For more information on the schemes we offer and to see how it can work for you please call us on 01642 483611 or email us

Take care, eye care


Ps It's December tomorrow! Can you believe it?!