COVID-19 Announcement

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COVID-19 An update on reopening

By Faye McDearmid on 2020-06-03

Hello! We hope that you and your loved ones are all well, we have missed you. Over the last 3 months we've been here for you for any eye, contact lens or spectacle related emergencies. With some of the relaxation on lockdown, we will be able to start to resume services, but there will inevitably be changes you will notice at your next visit to us. We wanted to let you know our expected timetable of services and some of the measures that we have taken to ensure everybody's safety.

The situation is liable to change and we will inevitably adapt our procedures to suit them, so please continue to contact us by phone 01642 483611 and follow the instructions to have your enquiry triaged.

1st June 2020 - Expanded definition of essential and emergency services for eyecare

Whilst we've been open for emergency services throughout, we have kept to a fairly tight definition of what might constitute an emergency. Optometry practices are not scheduled to reopen for routine procedures yet, though recent events and advice allows for a wider range of circumstances that might be considered an essential eyecare need.

This is still to be judged on an individual basis, but there is no need to struggle on if you feel that your vision has deteriorated or if you've broken your spectacles and are making do with an old pair. As more people are going back to work, more people are going to be driving so it is essential, if you are concerned about your vision, you have an examination rather than go for a drive to see if you feel safe to do so.

If there are risk factors that it would be advisable to monitor by having an examintion you may now be seen. If that applies to you, we may be in touch advising you to come in, but if you feel it applies to you, contact us and Faye will advise you.

We anticipate more routine appointments to be available from sometime in July.

Advice is changing daily so please, if you have any concerns about your vision, spectacles or contact lenses, give us a call and we will advise you of the correct steps to take.

Over the last month we have invested heavily in a range of equipment that will allow us to carry out many of our usual duties from a greater distance, without compromising any level of quality or care. We're confident that you will notice these differences when you come and see us and we are sure you'll feel safe when in the practice.

If you need to replace your spectacles now, but are due for an appointment you can't make because of the current circumstances and are worried that your prescription will change, then do not fear. We are offering a guarantee that for any glasses ordered as a replacement between now and the end of August that if your prescription changes, to the extent that you would benefit from updating to it, before the end of the year (31st December 2020) we will replace the lenses in your glasses free of charge, or offer you 50% off your new prescription lenses if you want it into a different frame and want to keep the others as an alternative or a back-up pair.

What can you expect when you next visit?

For the foreseeable future we will be operating on a locked, and manned door policy. This will control the amount of people in the practice at any time.

You will notice protective perspex screens all around the practice floor area, separating the Team from each other and our clients, and separating our clients from other clients too.

Our spectacle dispensing service has always involved frames being selected and brought to you when choosing spectacles and this will remain the case. However, browsing, for those that prefer to do so, will not be an option. Restricting this enables us to clean and sterilise all frames that have been handled between patients.

Digital tools will be more routinely used rather than traditional measuring devices.

In the waiting area we have removed all reading material and most of the chairs. To minimise risk to all patients and our Team there will be a limit on the number of people able to attend, so we suggest that for adults those who are able to attend on their own should do so and children, or anyone needing assistance, may have one additional adult where possible. If you have any concerns about this please contact us for advice.

Get on the waiting list for your eye examination or contact lens checks

With 10 weeks (and counting) of back-log to get through as well as our ‘now due’ appointments and with fewer clinics running and gaps between patients, there will very likely be a longer waiting time for appointments and it will be sometime before we are operating our normal recall system. We will still offer appointments for emergencies, so that anybody who needs to be seen urgently can, and will, be seen quickly.

We will be contacting as a priority patients where there is a clinical importance to them being seen due to underlying conditions, and members of our EyeCare Plan. However, if you do not here from us but feel your vision has altered and want to be seen you do not have to wait for us to contact you. Contact us on 01642 483611 follow the instructions to leave a message and Faye will contact you to book you in.

Supplies of contact lenses, solutions, drops, spectacles frames and lenses are all still available, although there is a small chance of a delay on some products.

We look forward to welcoming you back when we are able to do so following our legislative guidelines.

Once again our wholehearted thanks for your support and understanding.

With very best wishes

Faye, Angela, Tim and all the Team