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Hello 2017

By Faye on 2017-02-23

Better late than never, welcome to 2017!!

I thought I best write a blog post this week before we enter into March, dare I say Spring is now just around the corner...!

I know I’m not alone in finding January a bit of a drag after the excitement of Christmas and New Year has gone by, it always seems to go on and on, and on, then February whizzes by. Even though it’s only 3 days shorter than the longest months it seems to go by so much quicker!

Christmas and New Year was a quiet one for us: the practice closed for a few days in a row to give our hard-working team a well earned break and time with their families. For Christine it was time to spend with her now almost grown-up children. Her son is learning to drive at the moment – I remember my driving lessons and thinking I would never be able to set off properly! This is a memory I think many of us drivers have, and something I remind adults when they’re first learning to apply and remove contact lenses...if at first you think you’ll never be able to do it, remember learning to drive! At first you have to think about everything, and then soon it becomes second nature! Her daughter was home from University in Manchester for the Christmas break so they were able to have lots of girly time together and she has just recently been offered a studentship for PhD – we are all so proud of her!!

I guess one of the things I love about working with people and being in a small team is the achievements we all share together, like an extended family! I love to hear what our clients have been up to, what they and their friends and family have achieved and we do share a lot of joy together...

To think when I tell people who don’t know me what I do they can sometimes say “don’t you get bored looking at eyes all day in the dark?” – This always makes me smile as that certainly is only a very tiny aspect of what I do!

Lisa has 3 sisters with young families and is a very proud auntie! Her nieces and nephews all had a fantastic Christmas and two of them are coming for their very first eye test this space!!

Emily’s two children enjoyed having lots of time with their mum and they have a new 4 legged friend in their house, Buddy the puppy, he is unbelievably cute and came into see us at the practice a few weeks ago for cuddles.

January was back to work with an exciting trip at the beginning of February to 100% Optical. This is one of the many trade fairs we attend to source new eyewear collections, new eye care equipment and catch up with our optical industry friends and colleagues. This was our first time at 100% and what fun we had...

The adventure for Mum (Angela), Christine and I began getting the train for Darlington to Kings Cross. It’s great how quickly you are able to travel from the North East to London, after York, the next stop was London! After successfully navigation our way to the tube station and operating the self-service ticket machine – we missed having an actual person to assist us (maybe that’s a Northern thing) we found Mum had written some super precise notes to guide us all to the hotel! Now we’re not sure if she was right about the number of yards as we lost cost but we did have a giggle about it!

The next series of pictures show some of what we saw and got up to, with perhaps a few sneaky peaks at what will be arriving in the practice over the next few months...and possibly a few red herrings too (we're definitely not installing a cable car - but wouldn't that be a novel idea?!) can you spot Superman...

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Until next time, take care, eye care smile