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Introducing: Tom Davies Made to Order Eyewear

By Faye on 2017-07-26

Have you ever found a frame you love, in the style you were hoping for, just right for your face shape, in your favourite colour...but, it's a little too big or a little too small, or the sides aren't quite long enough? Or another's not suitable for your prescription?

If you've been wearing glasses as long as I have, I'm fairly sure the answer to at least one of the options above is a "yes" and it's the one thing I find so annoying about eyewear!

As much as I love eyewear, and I really do love it, as I'm not an average size the styles and colour choices I've had before for my eyewear have been a little limited sometimes. On more than one occasion my final choice has been a compromise between a frame I would really like to have, and what is comfortable and suitable for my prescription lenses (I'm short-sighted).

Imagine if this happened with clothing and fashion?

Now I'm not the biggest fan shopping for clothes or shoes (some girls do dislike shopping it's true) but say you were looking for navy trousers, and navy trousers were available, but only in one size, one leg length and one style - otherwise you'd have to have brown or black. This would be crazy!

Thankfully, British eyewear designer Tom Davies took a similar view about eyewear and saw an opportunity. Thank you Tom!! His designs are handmade to order, in the style, colour, size, material and finish of your choice, from his extensive and beautiful collection. Your eyewear is designed with your optical requirements (eyesight and prescription needs), style preferences and colour choices in mind.

Tom Davies is the ultimate for anyone who wears glasses: your style, your personality, your colour, your size and your prescription.

Oh and Tom even designs glasses for Ed Sheeran!

A made-to-order consultation takes around 1 hour to complete. Consultations with Christine and Emily are available by appointment only, with appointments available weekdays, Thursday evenings and Saturday's. Please call us on 01642 483611 or email to arrange.

Tom's eyewear really is special and I absolutely love the frame the made for me. Tom Davies are in the process of moving their manufacturing to England too which I think adds even more to the brand recently featured in "Great British Brands".

Take Care, Eye Care