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UV Protection for Little Eyes

By Faye on 2017-05-11


With the sun beginning to shine I wanted to do a snapshot blog on sun protection for children's eyes.

To keep it, short, snappy and to the point I've done this as an infographic!

Children are more prone to UV damage to their eyes, the effects of this are cumulative and often appear later in life, because their pupils are bigger and the lens of their eye is very clear.

UV light damage is known to accelerate ageing and the cornea, lens and retina can be damaged by UV light exposure. UV light is a risk factor for eye disease such as cataract and macular degeneration.

Even on a dull day there is a lot of UV in the atmosphere, more so on a sunny day. I always notice when I'm abroad how many more children you see wearing sunglasses, yet this does not seem to be so commonplace in the UK. I would love to encourage more parents to protect their children's eyes and understand the dangers of sun damage. I try and tell every parent of each child I see in the practice and in the hospital's about the importance of sunglasses and I hope a post like this can reach even more people cool

Please help us spread the word.

Love their eyes, protect them - one pair must last a lifetime.

Take care, eye care (I really do!)