COVID-19 Announcement

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COVID-19 An update on reopening

By Faye McDearmid on 2020-06-03

Hello! We hope that you and your loved ones are all well, we have missed you. Over the last 3 months we've been here for you for any eye, contact lens or spectacle related emergencies. With some of the relaxation on lockdown, we will be able to start to resume services, but there will inevitably be changes you will notice at your next visit to us. We wanted to let you know our expected timetable of services and some of the measures that we have taken to ensure...   Read More

Coronavirus & Contact Lenses COVID-19

By Faye McDearmid on 2020-04-10


At Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists our clients have always been our number one priority, and during these uncertain times, our thoughts are with you and your families.

In light of recent developments regarding coronavirus, we wanted to provide you with additional information about contact lenses.

As we all navigate this new way of life, we will con...   Read More

Do you have a screenager?

By Faye on 2018-02-07

Gadgets can be great for making our lives easier - from a phone, to a diary, to weather updates, to instant email - technology is literally at our finger tips and in our pockets. But do we really know the long-term effects of all this technology use? Especially when children are using devices at an ever younger age. Toddlers can swipe an iPad better than most a...   Read More

Introducing: Tom Davies Made to Order Eyewear

By Faye on 2017-07-26

Have you ever found a frame you love, in the style you were hoping for, just right for your face shape, in your favourite colour...but, it's a little too big or a little too small, or the sides aren't quite long enough? Or another's not suitable for your prescription?

If you've been wearing glasses as long as I have, I'm fairly sure the answer to at least one of t...   Read More

UV Protection for Little Eyes

By Faye on 2017-05-11


With the sun beginning to shine I wanted to do a snapshot blog on sun protection for children's eyes.

To keep it, short, snappy and to the point I've done this as an infographic!

Children are more prone to UV damage to their eyes, the effects of this are cumulative and often appear later in life, because their pupils are bigger and the lens of their eye is very clear.

UV light damage is known to accelerate ageing and the cornea, lens and retina can be...   Read More

Worried about glaucoma?

By Faye on 2017-04-27

I read the news this morning on the latest update from a clinical trial, phase 1 of which began in 2015, looking into new ways of helping to detect the eye disease glaucoma.

What's great about research and evolving health care is that we are now able to find and treat things so much earlier; with eyesight this helps to reduce sight loss - which is a great thing.

You too may have read in the newspapers or watched on the news about this new test. It’s being de...   Read More

Hello 2017

By Faye on 2017-02-23

Better late than never, welcome to 2017!!

I thought I best write a blog post this week before we enter into March, dare I say Spring is now just around the corner...!

I know I’m not alone in finding January a bit of a drag after the excitement of Christmas and New Year has gone by, it always seems to go on and on, and on, then February whizzes by. Even though it’s only 3 days shorter than the longest months it seems to go by so much quicker!

...   Read More

A bit more about us, part one: our Optometrists

By Faye on 2016-11-30

It's blog time again!

I have been unwell a few times recently and must apologise to any clients who have had their appointments re-arranged at short notice due to my illness. One of the things I had to do while I was ill was go to the doctors.

Tim and I moved to Middlesbrough in 2013 after living in Redcar for 3.5 years. We chose Middlesbrough as where we now live is within walking distance of James Cook Hospital where we both work in the eye department. If you've ever been...   Read More

Are you reading comfortably?

By Faye on 2016-10-27

It’s almost time for an extra hour in bed when the clocks go back an hour this weekend! As I said last blog, I’m not a fan of darker nights and the colder weather but I am looking forward to a bit brighter mornings as it does seem to have gotten really dark and quite foggy some mornings this week.

So it was the final of Bake Off last night too! I’m so glad I did decide to watch what has become the final series as we know it on the BBC, and while my favourite (#Tea...   Read More

Driving in the dark

By Faye on 2016-10-04

Welcome to October!

No sooner has the calendar changed and I’m walking to work wishing I had my gloves on (don’t worry I’m not walking from Middlesbrough down the A174 to Redcar – I walk in to work on Monday’s and Friday’s when I’m working in the hospital). I’m sure summer goes faster every year and now we’re back to colder mornings and I’m resisting the urge to put the heavy duvet and heating on at home!<...   Read More

Eating for healthy eyes

By Faye on 2016-09-19

Welcome to my first Blog.

For those of you who know me, you will know that I love to talk! I have dabbled in blog writing on a variety of my favourite topics, but my procrastination skills prevented me getting too far with them... so I’ve decided to combine two of my biggest loves – talking and eyes, with a “work-related” blog (okay there might be some rambling, I’ll try my best to stay on track!). My hope is to be able to inform and m...   Read More