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Spectacles Lenses

In recent years there have been major developments in spectacle lens technology, all designed to improve your vision and to make your spectacles more comfortable to wear and to look more attractive.

At Campbell and McDearmid, we assess every patient as an individual and have invested in specialist equipment enabling us to taylor every lens prescribed to your individual needs and exact measurements. We specialise in complex prescriptions and take great pride in helping all our clients make the correct choice for their needs within budget.

We have access to a huge range of technoligically advanced lenses and varifocals including anti-fatigue lenses, Drivesafe, Drivewear and Office lenses and we'll be delighted to advise you on the latest developments in:

1: Varifocal Lenses – (the modern alternative to bifocal lenses without the line). They are normally advised to people over the age of 40, normally when separate distance and near prescriptions are required giving you clear vision at all distances. 

2: High Index Lenses – In the past, some patients who have had a more complex prescription have had to put up with thicker and heavier lenses in their spectacles. Thankfully today's advances means the super thin and light weight Hi-index lenses now make them look great and feel more comfortable.

3: Transitions – They are fast acting variable tinted lenses which darken in sunlight. Indoors they are clear, but outside they rapidly darken effectively changing them into conventional sunglasses. Transitions are available in grey or brown tints and offer 100% protection against damaging UV light.

4: Lens Coatings – They are advised to reduce annoying reflections, improve the appearance of your spectacles and most importantly to enhance you vision. More recent advances in technology now means you can get the added benefit of them being anti-scratch, anti-dust, repellent to water, grease and dirt making them more durable and a lot easier to clean.

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