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Eye Examinations for Children

We welcome children to our practice and try to make their visits as enjoyable as possible.

Children do not always realise they have a sight defect so annual eye tests are strongly recommended for all children under 16yrs (more often if advised by the optometrist) Children should have eye tests from the age of 3 at the latest especially if there is a family history of squint or lazy eye. Most children will not need glasses but regular checks enable us to make sure their vision is developing normally.

We use objects, pictures, letters and matching techniques to assess your child’s vision based on their age and expected level of visual development. We check to see if your child’s eyes are working together and whether they can see in 3D.

We assess whether they need spectacles using a retinoscope, (it may be necessary to use eye drops for this) and check their eyes are healthy internally & externally.

We recommend everyone should have an Optomap Retinal Exam so we offer an upgrade at 50% discount for under 16’s and students.

If your child needs glasses we have a great selection of fun & funky frames in our Young Eyes Range, specially designed for young faces, available FREE with an NHS voucher. You can choose outside of this range and have 25% discount if you are under 16 or a student.

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