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Eye Examination

At Campbell & McDearmid Optometrists our team are highly skilled professionals who take an interest in you and your vision. You will benefit from our commitment to providing detailed, high quality eyecare and by listening to you we will suggest personalised visual solutions that meet your needs for your lifestyle.

Our Standard Eye Test for NHS and Private Clients includes:

  • History and Symptoms
  • Vision measurement
  • Ocular movements
  • Assessment of refractive status and visual acuity
  • Binocular vision assessment
  • External and internal examination of the eyes
  • Intra ocular pressure measurement (routinely carried out if over 40 years of age or with close family history of glaucoma)
  • Basic Visual Field Screening
  • Advice and issuing of spectacle prescription/statement (no spectacles required)


The Comprehensive Eye Examination

This is the examination we recommend to all our clients. The Comprehensive Eye Examination includes all that the Standard Eye Test covers plus additional procedures performed using specialist equipment which can enhance the early detection of developing eye conditions. The Optomap Retinal Examination, Visual Fields Testing using the Humphrey Visual Fields Analyser, plus any other test the optometrist feels is necessary.

Click here to read more about our Optomap Retinal Examination.



How often should you have an Eye Examination?

We advise regular eye examinations for everyone, including children, even if you are not experiencing any difficulties. In accordance with national guidelines the recommended intervals are:

1: Aged 0 – 15 years

every year

2: Aged 16 – 69 years

every 2 years

3: Aged 70 years and over

every year

4: Diabetic and Glaucoma patients

every year

5: Aged 40 years or over with an immediate relative with Glaucoma

every year


Please contact us if you have any queries or questions about our eye examination and related issues, we would be most happy to advise you.


This is a monthly direct debit scheme we offer which enables clients to spread the cost of eye care.

Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive eye examination every year (includes Optomap retinal exam)
  • 25% discount off glasses
  • Contact lenses at competitive prices
  • 2 year accidental damage scheme for glasses purchased through EYEPLAN
  • 10% off non prescription sunglasses & accessories
  • Free emergency consultation - eyecare whenever you need it