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We are one of the most longstanding Optos customers in the UK and our Optometrist, Faye, is one of their professional team who has spoken at conferences around the UK and worldwide.

The Optomap retinal examination

The Panoramic 200 Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope developed by OPTOS, based in Dunfermline, Scotland, allows us to provide you with revolutionary retinal eye examination.

The Optomap Retinal exam can take an image of nearly the whole of the retina (the back of the eye) in one capture compared to the keyhole view seen by conventional eye examination techniques.

The Optomap retinal exam can assist in the diagnosis & monitoring of serious eye conditions (e.g. diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, detachments and macular degeneration) that often first start in the periphery and progress without symptoms. Signs of general health problems such as heart disease, stroke and certain cancer can also be detected in the retina.

The Optomap retinal exam is quick; there is no pupil dilation, no eye drops or blurred vision. The Optomap retinal exam is an important way to maintain good eye health. 

The Optomap retinal examination is included in our Comprehensive Eye Examination We recommend that all our clients have this important new exam as part of their regular eye health check. 

Click here to read more on the Optomap Retinal Examination on the Optomap website.

Further equipment

We are committed to providing the best possible care for our patients. As such, we continue to invest in the latest technology and equipment.

OCT (Optical coherence tomography)

We have a Topcon OCT machine and have used this since 2018, alongside our Optomap, to provide a fully comprehensive eye health check. OCT technology is quick and non-invasive but it gives your Optometrist a cross-sectional view of your eye to create a more detailed view of your eye health.



We acquired this piece of equipment in 2010 after a very lovely and fondly remembered patient left us a gift in his will which we used to buy our MPOD. Macular Pigment Density (MPOD) is the measure of the density of macular pigment in the centre of the retina. This pigment helps to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Measuring this can help us identify people who would benefit from more regular macular screening.

Humphrey Visual Fields Analyser

Recognised as the gold standard in visual field testing, this helps us to measure how much side vision you have and compares the sensitivity of your eyes to light, over a range of points in your visual field, to that of a typical person of your age.


Digital slit lamp camera and videocamera

This was purchased for Faye's 30th birthday gift - She gets to use it every day and loves it!

Optomap retinal scan of the eye
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